Environmental Stewardship

According to the EPA’s Fast Facts on Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions, transportation is identified as the fastest-growing source of global greenhouse gas emissions, and vehicles are believed to account for at least 15% of those emissions.  As a provider of global transportation solutions, we are committed to operating responsibly and doing our part to contribute to a safe and sustainable environment, globally.


The Future of Transportation

We actively anticipate and respond to changes in transportation around the globe. 

As connected and autonomous vehicles become increasingly more common, we aim to enhance the company’s core capabilities, including data intelligence and technology to develop new lines of business. 

Our long-term investments in connectivity, mobile digital user experience, and new technology partnerships help position us for future growth in an evolving transportation world.

Integrating Electric Vehicles

As the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles expands, we continuously engage with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to optimize product lines for our fleet.

To fully integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into our business, Avis Budget Group has developed a three-pronged approach focused on the customer journey, infrastructure, and technology.

Fleet Maintenance & Optimization

The digitalization of our fleet drives significant operational efficiencies. 

Our locations receive critical real-time data, such as preventative maintenance, tire pressure, vehicle condition, and mileage alerts. In doing so, we can ensure our vehicles are in top condition to support customer safety and satisfaction. 

Carbon Offset Program

Through our Carbon Offset Program, we quantify the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with corporate customer rental car transactions.

We engage with carbon offsetting experts to offer corporate customers the option to minimize the environmental impact of their car rental activities. 

Based on their use of Avis Budget Group vehicles and associated carbon emissions within a calendar year, we offset those carbon emissions through cost efficient projects.

Energy Efficiency

At Avis Budget Group, we incorporate industry best practices to increase energy efficiency at locations, and use ratings and certifications, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), ENERGY STAR, and ISO 14001, to guide progress. 

Our ongoing efforts are focused on upgrading exterior and interior lights to LED lighting, as well as utilizing LED lighting for all Avis Budget Group branded signage. 

Waste & Water Reduction

At Avis Budget Group, we strive to be responsible, efficient stewards of local water resources in the communities where we operate. We also aim to reduce operational waste by decreasing waste generated, increasing recycling, and repairing and reusing materials whenever possible. 

Our investments into a newer, more connected fleet, together with a data-driven maintenance program, also support our waste reduction efforts.

Download the full report to learn how we’re moving the future of transportation forward by increasing sustainable practices and contributing to a safe and equitable environment, globally.